Friday, August 31, 2012

Writing 101

I can't stand reading things that aren't true...

Or things that lack personality… I can’t read

Things that are entirely positive or entirely negative.

I like balance.

Good spelling and grammar won't make you great, paint me a story,

One that imitates life.

If you want to write well, you must:

Be honest.

Be compassionate to all characters.

Most importantly, SHOW DON’T TELL.

Give examples.

If you say you feel like crap tell me exactly why. Tell me about the sweat created by your beard; describe the stickiness of your neck, the dry boogers on your nostrils.

Let us in. Filtered writing is worthless.

Be quick. Unless you’re Whitman, Shakespeare, Milton or H. James, no one is going to want to read your sentence fragments… no matter how clever you think your punch lines are.
Oh, let me not forget, to make sure and end everything with a positive note… DON’T DO IT. Be real. We live on Earth not Disney.  

Sustain credibility; no, create it.

You're welcome, your genuine Friend. :)


  1. :( is this for me? be honest. I can take it like a man & I will still love you, friend.

  2. It's for anyone who hasn't taken a serious creative writing class! of course it isn't for you.

    I'm just giving FREE advice because I love everyone... and I am tired of reading worthless shit. :[

    Writing 101 Pt. 2 is coming soon. Maybe it can be our first co-writing project! :D You're a better editor therefore, a better observer than I am.

    On my mind: LIFETIME and pointless redundantness.

  3. hahhaha! at soon as I read lifetime crap I wanna go grab a knife and stab myself in the thigh. and the redundancy...oh man. no more worthless shit! though I have to admit, that's all I've been writing in this blog. That's why I keep deleting almost every post I publish. What's up with this semester!? :( Give me more advice. Also, let's co-write that Writing 101 Pt 2 blog.

  4. Yes! We should do it for the betterment of mankind & our sanity.