Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ojas y Chaquetas : A Blog

11:40 PM Rangers just lost, we head outside.
11:44 PM Complain about the stagnant winds.
11:57 PM The Front has become unbearable. 
12:02 PM I head inside for a coat. 
12:03 PM "The Dog Days Are Over" mix starts 
                      *CLAP CLAP... CLAPCLAP* 

My hermanas and I will not take this cool wind for granted. 

Not just the great weather You blessed the Rio Grande Valley with on this October night but for allowing me and my sisters to continue to bond. I feel a little outcasted right now, I'm going to be honest. However, it's only because i'm thinking of You. And I'm choosing to be apart from them for a little while to document this. You are way too great, God.

My neighbors' unfinished roof has just blown away and they have bursted out laughing. 

God, I want to continue to see this. It's probably one of the best feelings a human being can ever experience.

Thank You for this whole week. 
Thank You for allowing me to have peace about everything that You are placing in our path. 

Thank You for this awesome change in my life; for bringing me closer in to Your holy arms and whispering that Your way isn't society's way. You have placed a community where they allow me to be different with them. I will no longer shy away from You because I am called to be different. 

I love every change that's made me uncomfortable. I look forward to many more uncomfortable changes. 

Value of Wisdom : A Blog

I find it absurd when people question God's decisions. When people think they are above the hurt that is present. The question "Why is this happening to me, God?" is stupid. If you're ignorant of the evil thoughts we all have, then you're just as stupid as your question. For shizzle, we were born to sin so life is NOT going to be easy. Even when you give your life to Jesus why would it be any easier? However, when life gets tough as a believer (and your roots are in fertile soil) you have the ability to dodge every stone life throws at you.