Friday, June 22, 2012

wife beater


He grabbed her neck like mom would get Mischief before he was dipped into his bathtub filled with cat soap.

Only a coward...

Now, I would suck at any sort of counseling dealing with abuse because the emotion that is boldest is anger. I think that digging into the psychology of the abuser is a damn excuse for the damn coward. 

There is no excuse to fight.
I think that domestic abuse is such a disgusting thing. Whether it is physical or not.

I don't understand many things about abuse but one thing I know is that it is wrong and if anyone has witnessed their sisters, their nephews, their children being abused or abusing someone, you MUST help them.

I'm telling you first hand, if I witness my dad hit my mom, my dad would be behind bars in a damn millisecond.
If I ever see my brother hit his wife, after he gets an ass beating from me, he too will find himself behind bars.
If I know that my sisters are ever hurt by their husbands... and my nephews witnessed their dad beat their mom, I will call the cops and CPS myself.

There is no excuse for fighting. Women shouldn't fight with their husbands or lay their hands on them either. 

They should treat one another with respect. 

If someone doesn't know how to appropriately handle their anger, they are not ready for a relationship... and are most definitely not ready for children.

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